FAQS about Hardwood Flooring

Wood is hygroscopic. When it is exposed to air, wood will lose or gain moisture until it is in equilibrium with the humidity and temperature of the air. It is the homeowner?s responsibility to control the relative humidity all year round in the home. Wood is most stable when the relative humidity is in the 40% to 50% range and when the temperature in the home is in the 68% to 72% Fahrenheit or 20% to 22% Celsius range.

When there is a change or reduction in the relative humidity, all wood flooring will shrink during periods of low humidity. Heating your home without properly maintaining the humidity levels will cause the boards to shrink leaving noticeable cracks between some boards. Finish coatings over the wood cannot prevent shrinking and expansion, they only slow the process down.

It is recommended that wood be installed on plywood with a moisture content of 12% or less. Most manufacturers dry their wood flooring to moisture content between 6- 9 % range. It is recommended that there be no more than a 4 % difference between the wood and the plywood to prevent expansion or cupping problems.

For warranty purposes, it is the homeowners and the installers they hire who are solely responsible for checking moisture content and conditions in the home prior to the installation of hardwood flooring. Most manufacturers allow for up to 5% cutting waste and minor defects allowed to be in their boxes. Your installer is the final inspector of the product and should knowwhat to look for before installing the flooring.

Wood and water don?t mix. Never damp mop a hardwood floor and leave it dry on it own. Most hardwood flooring stores sell a floor cleaner that is recommended and easy to use. Always sweep or vacuum first to eliminate abrasives that can scratch the finish. Always check with what the manufacturer recommends so you don?t void your warranty using the wrong cleaner. Use protective measures like felt pads and/ or plastic scuff shields when moving larger items on hardwood flooring to prevent dents and scratches. Its your floor please take responsibility and care for it properly.

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