Mission Statement:

  • superior choice in hardwood flooring and outstanding service
  • the strength and expertise of its sales people
  • dedicated to being the lead of the prefinished and custom finished flooring
  • employ professional installers and sanders


A little Huron History

If you envision a business where titles don't matter, where values like unity, honor, devotion, hard work and family pride reign, then you have a good picture of our company Huron Flooring Ltd.

For the Veerkamps, family was the driving force behind starting Huron Flooring. In 1965 - with a young family at home - Theo began doing al the field work himself. From estimates to installation. Meanwhile, Henny helped keep the business running by doing all the bookkeeping and accounting. The couple worked out of their home, with the garage doing double-duty as a showroom and their 4 children answering phones.

Over the years, the company grew to include a small warehouse, a showroom and even a few employees. In the 1990's Huron Flooring moved to a larger location - with an office space and a larger 4000 square feet showroom for our customers convenience.

Huron Flooring finds plenty of applications to challenge its employees. We have done custom finishes and inlays. We have done hand cutouts and spirals with a scroll saw. The challenge is always nice and the guys really like the chance to do intricate work.

Huron's crew are divided into two halves - each half with it's own specific focus. Half the crews are strictly installers and the other half are sanding and finishing. There are a couple of people who can-do installing and sanding, but we find by dividing the crews, our employees can really specialize in a particular skill.

Some of the employees at Huron Flooring have been with the company for as long as 25 to 30 years.

Huron Flooring pays it's employees by the hour and by all means "WE DO NOT SUB-CONTRACT" people. Additionally, we provide our employees with all the necessary equipment to do their jobs, and a job well done.

Huron Flooring tries to keep-up with new technologies, so for the last 15 years we have used waterbased finishes for the well being of our employees and also for the convenience of the home owners.

Installing/sanding and finishing floors is not only a trade it is an art.

Building Business Relationships

The intergral key to Huron Flooring's relationship with its suppliers is the fact that Huron Flooring has taken the time to make sure that each of it's staff members knows all the products the company deals with. Inside & out.

Huron Flooring's ability to maintain good relationpships with it's suppliers has allowed it to keep it's 12, 000 square foot warehouse well stocked. Not to mention the company buys directly from it's manufacturers!

Showroom Floor

Warehouse Storage (Left Side)

Warehouse Storage (Right Side)